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Kitchens – ‘The Heart of the Home’

Do you agree?
Do you ever wonder why we have a lounge as everyone STILL congregates to the kitchen? When your cooking, everyone wants to come and chat but as soon as everyone is sat on the sofa, the TV, Ipad and Phones are far more important…Why is this??
❤️People may call us biased but we believe the Kitchen is 100% the Heart of the Home!❤️
1. Family Bonding – What an amazing way to have family fun and bond with your children! Get creative, get messy and learn new recipes!??‍?
2. Food – ‘It’s the way to your heart!’. Food nurtures the mind body and soul and without it we could not survive. Plus.. Who doesn’t love food?!?
3. Every home has to have one! – It’s required (along with bathrooms). Having an up to date kitchen makes it a pleasure to be in there! Everyone in the family uses it, so why wouldn’t you make it modern and homely for everyone to enjoy??
4. Kitchen/Diner is the new BIG thing! – Lounges are now second best. So many customers come in to see us after being advised by their Estate Agent that they should open up their Kitchen/Diner for the resale value. TV’s, Computers, Music Systems now all go in to this room because this is the room everyone now LOVES!?

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